19 Best & Super Easy Corals For Beginners

19 Best & Super Easy Corals For Beginners

Corals are the life of reef tanks. However, their maintenance and upkeep can be challenging, especially if you do it for the first time. Some can be easy to maintain, while others are not. It might always be tempting to buy the corals that you come across first. You might get to see the first frag of coral and go for them. But you might not experience their growth. In this article, we have put together a list of 19 beginner corals that you can buy.

  • Zoanthids : They come in numerous colors and are easy to maintain. They multiply quickly, and you can keep them anywhere. You can even create a tank full of Zoanthids, and it will look great.
  • Palythoas : These beginner corals are an ideal choice for beginners as they come in various colors. However, some turn out maybe bland and muted. 
  • Mushrooms : They are easy to keep and do not require much for survival. Mushroom corals are available in different patterns and colors. 

  • Kenya Tree : They grow like a tree with branches and polyps. During their growth, they also drop branches that lead to the growth of new corals. 

  • Toadstool Leather : Available in many colors, they can be a standout among all the corals. They grow large and can overpower other corals around them. When they grow, they also form unusual shapes and patterns.

  • Pulsing Xenia : These incredible corals grow fast and can quickly occupy your entire tank. So make sure you prepare well for their growth.

  • Green Star Polyps : These beginner corals glow neon green and look very mesmerizing at night. They multiply quickly and can even grow on the glass. You can keep them isolated on rocks.

  • Frogspawn : They are hardy and come with big tentacles, making them look like frogspawn. Available in multiple colors, they will add to the glow of your reef tank.

  • Torch : It comes with long tentacles and comes in various colors. They will look good in the tank if kept next to each other.

  • Hammer : They are just like Torch and Frogspawn. Available in many colors, they will look good when kept together.

  • Bubble : They add contrasting colors to the rank and move well in water flow. You need not do much to take care of them, making them ideal for those with low budgets.

  • Feather : They come with a feather duster and pull it back when touched. When stressed, these beginner corals drop the crown. 

  • Candy Cane : These beginner corals tentacles trap food, and they have big heads with a lot of flesh. They have an aggressive nature, so it is better to keep them away from other corals.

  • Blastomussa : They are easy to maintain and look pretty in the tank. If you are looking to get started, the corals will make for an ideal coral to buy.

  • Brain : They are available in various colors and patterns, making them quite stunning. As they have big tentacles, you need to keep them away from other corals.

  • Ricordia : They reproduce well and also have low maintenance. You need to have good light and flow to keep these corals happy.

  • Duncans : They multiply quickly when happy and do not need much attention. You can keep the corals close to each other to enhance the appearance of the tank.

  • Birdnest : They are like tree coral that branches out and come in various colors. They frag well and grow fast.

  • Montipora : They grow well but can overshadow other corals around them. So you will have to take care of other corals close to them.

If you are looking to buy beginner corals, you can check out our collection. Feel free to contact us, and we will be right there for your assistance.